About Us

CRAVEInfused LLC is a plant-based lifestyle brand highlighting the healing power of plants while destigmatizing cannabis as simply another healing plant. Whether you consume plants as food, use them topically, medicinally, spiritually, or recreationally, we believe in spreading awareness of just how powerful plants can be. 

At present, CRAVEInfused LLC includes: 

  • CRAVEInfused Cosmetics: a plant-based skincare line using CBD in conjunction with plant butters and oils to create soothing topicals. 
  • CRAVEInfused Curated Events: are plant-based gatherings where cannabis adds an element of luxury to any event. We host everything from CBDInfused plant-based meals to DIY, CBDInfused topical workshops!
  • CRAVEInfused Cooks: a plant-based cooking show highlighting the healing power of plants through a variety of infused recipes. 
  • CRAVEInfused Consulting: Work with experienced event planner and coordinator, Zara Ayanna Salmon, to curate experiences that will wow your guests!