Our Story

Gloria & Edbert Salmon, December 8th, 1962


In 1998, our Founder's grandfather, Edbert Seymore Salmon, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Against the advice of his family and his doctors, he embarked on a plant-based juice fast for 6-months shrinking his tumors. For the next 24-years, he ate a majority plant-based diet, always emphasizing the importance of plants as he tended to his garden with his little grandkids in tow. 

Edbert in his glorious garden24-years later in October 2021, his  wife,  Gloria Madge Salmon, was  diagnosed with lung cancer 2-weeks  after he learned that his own cancer  had returned. On January 25th, 2022 he passed away surrounded by loved  ones, buried with a tangerine branch  from his beloved garden to honor his  love of plants. During his second bout of cancer and his wife's first, they incorporated cannabis edibles and topicals into their healing as a way to manage their pain. 


After growing up with the knowledge of just how powerful all plants could be - especially when incorporated into your everyday life, Zara started CRAVEInfused.

She created this brand to highlight the healing power of plants while destigmatizing cannabis as simply another healing plant. 

Why? Three Reasons: 

  1. As she continues to witness her grandma's struggle with cancer, she advocates strongly for cannabis to be eligible as a medical insurance because no one should be paying upwards of $400/week for their medicine but unfortunately, many people do.
  2. Her Political Science thesis was entitled, Cannabis is Legal, Now What? An In-Depth Study on what the Legalization of Cannabis means for Businesses, Business Owners, and the Marginalized Minorities Disproportionately Affected by the Marijuana Drug Laws. While she's proud to have a business in cannabis, she can't operate in the legal space without advocating for participants in the legacy space. There are a lot of folks still behind bars due to cannabis prohibition and at CRAVEInfused, we advocate for the reconstruction of communities disenfranchised by the War on Drugs.
  3. She's vegan! She gave up red meat at age 9, all meat at 18, and became a vegan at 19. She believes that those hours spent in her grandfather's garden was a world-class education of just how powerful plants can be. Her goal in all of this is to spread the knowledge that her grandfather blessed her with so many years ago. 

Zara and her grandfather around the time of his first diagnosis