Cannabis Social Equity Policy Salons Co-Hosted by CRAVEInfused Curated Events

Cannabis Social Equity Policy Salons Co-Hosted by CRAVEInfused Curated Events

April Policy Salon at Red Ink Community Library

Since April 20, 2023, we've been co-hosting policy salons across the state of Rhode Island in collaboration with Green Path Legal and Massachusetts Equitable Opportunities Now. The mission of CRAVEInfused is to highlight the healing power of plants, while destigmatizing cannabis as simply another healing a plant which is why we began hosting these salons. 

May policy salon at Tetra Hydro ClubThe purpose of the salons are to hear from the community on how they would like to see the cannabis industry evolve. The aftermath of these conversations was the formation of a "Redraft Committee" backed by Representative David Morales. This committee will bring proposed updates to RI House Bill 7593 and suggest regulations for the newly appointed Cannabis Control Commission this winter. 

Don't miss our last policy salon with new co-sponsors including The Seshh, Liquid Gold, Rhode Island Cannabis Justice Coalition, and Emerald Leaf Organics hosted at Lovewell Farms on Monday, September 18th.Juneteenth policy salon hosted by A Positive Atmosphere CBD Cafe (black-owned)

Make sure you come at 5:30pm for a guided tour of the only outdoor cannabis farm in Rhode Island! 

The conversation begins at 6:00pm with welcoming remarks from Representative Morales before we dive into breakout groups featuring the topics that came up the most over the past 5-months including: 

  • Qualifications for Social Equity moderated by Green Path Legal
  • Social Equity Fund moderated by CRAVEInfused
  • Cannabis Education and Technical Services moderated by The Seshh and Professor Stephanie Forschner-Dancause
  • Licensing Types moderated by Rhode Island Cannabis Justice Coalition
  • Laboratory Testing and Supply Chain Regulations moderated by Lovewell Farms
  • MSO, Monopolies, Price Gouging moderated by Emerald Leaf Organics


July policy salon at Sweetspot Medical and Recreational Dispensary

Thank you to Red Ink Community Library, The Tetra Hydro Club, A Positive Atmosphere CBD Cafe, and Sweetspot Medical and Recreational Dispensary for hosting former policy salons!

Save the Date! Fall gatherings hosted by CRAVEInfused Curated Events: 

  • The Business of Cannabis Startups in Rhode Island in collaboration with  Rhode Island Startup Week on Monday, October 2nd from 1:00pm-2:30pm 
  • Elevating Marginalized Voices: Impact on the War on Drugs co-sponsored by MUSE Foundation, RIBBA, ELO, RICJC, Green Path Legal, Mass EON, and LPP on Thursday, November 2nd from 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Celebration of Legalization in Rhode Island! co-hosted by Blake J. Events and Liquid Gold on Friday, December 1stf from 6:00pm-10:00pm 


We are still looking for volunteers with experience in government writing, policy, and/or a passion for a more equitable cannabis space! If you have the bandwidth on Monday mornings, reach out to for details.